1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge MushLume Lighting Installation

100+ lampshades grown from mushroom mycelium

A cloud of lampshades grown from mushroom mycelium, each varying in size and height span the ceiling of the Riverhouse suite in the newly opened 1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge.  The sustainable materials soft texture and glow gracefully communicates the ethos of both Danielle Trofe Design and 1Hotels, conscious living. 

The fundamentals of sustainable design is all about, deeply understanding the entire process from sourcing, to energy and water consumption during the production process, to where the product will ultimately end up. Cradle to Grave. The mushroom material utilizes a waste product (corn stalk) and combines it with a rapidly renewable material (mycelium) and harnesses only the power of nature to GROW an object that, in turn, can return safely to the earth, adding nutrients back to the soil rather than pollutants.

1Hotels is a luxury lifestyle hotel brand inspired by nature that cultivates the best of eco-conscious design and sustainable architecture.