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Business Insider: The Coolest New Businesses in NYC

Danielle Trofe Design made Business Insider‘s list of The 29 Coolest New Businesses in New York City!

Many will agree that being your own boss sounds like an appealing lifestyle, but few have what it takes to make it as a small business entrepreneur.

We sought out the freshest, most innovative businesses in New York City, focusing our search on places that have opened within the last five years.

Though we included some tech startups, we mostly focused on brick and mortar shops, since we already published a list on the hottest startups in New York.

Some of these businesses, like a mobile app designed to help you find parking, aim to make your life easier, while others, like a cat cafe, will just make your life more fun.


Business Insider Danielle Trofe


What it is: A design company with a line of biodegradable lamps made of mushrooms.

Why it’s cool: Danielle Trofe is a Brooklyn-based designer who creates sustainable and environmentally aware furniture and lighting. Her line of biodegradable lamps, called Mush-Lume Lighting, has won five design awards in the past two years.

She also creates and sells organic planters and self-sustaining, hydroponic gardens.