Mush-Lume Table Lamp

Growing Together – Collaborating with Ecovative

In an exploration to bring the furniture and lighting industry deeper into the sustainability movement, Danielle Trofe Design teamed up with Ecovative Design to create a lamp GROWN from mushrooms.  Ecovative has developed and patented this mushroom growing technology and has made waves in the packaging and shipping industry, replacing styrofoam with the organic and biodegradable material.  The growth process uses agricultural byproducts, like seed husks and corn stalks, and combines them with liquid mushroom mycelium. The mycelium then binds with these components and grows for several days in custom molds. When the growth process is complete, the material is heated and dried, ending the growth cycle. Ta da! Mushroom material! At the end of it’s life, the mushroom material can be broken into smaller pieces, then added to your backyard compost and will fully biodegrade!

The Mush-Lume Table Lamp is the first prototype harnessing the mushroom material to create the lamp shade.  Additional lamps are in development and will be launched at WantedDesign during NYC Design Week.