GIY Instructions

Below are your GIY Instructions to grow your mushroom mycelium planters:

Step 1: Let mycelium grow in plastic mold for 4 days.

Planter 1

Step 2: Demold (gently) using gloves on fourth day, Monday Aug. 22nd.  Place planter back in plastic bag.  Fill with as much air as possible so that none of the bag is touching the sides of the planter (except the bottom).  Let it grow out one more day.

Planter 2   Planter 3

Step 3: Take planter out of bag on fifth day, Tuesday Aug 23rd.  Place on a cookie cooling rack, if possible in front of a fan.  Let dry for one day.


Step 4: On the sixth day, Wednesday Aug 24th, bake the planter in your home oven for 30 minutes at 200 degrees F.

Step 5: Poke or drill a small hole in the bottom to allow excess water to drain out.  Plant a small plant, succulents or other small plants that don’t require a lot of moisture work best.

Step 6: Over time the plant and moisture will slowly begin to breakdown the planter.  When visible degradation occurs you can place entire pot in a new pot, breaking up the material slightly.  The mushroom material planter will biodegrade over time and eventually become food for your plant.  You can also break up the material and place in a compost.


To order additional mushroom material, visit Ecovative’s Myco Make online shop.

Safety & Warnings: Please read this should you experience any discoloration or have any additional questions or concerns