In Good Company Sustainable Fair

Grow Your Own Lamp with Mushroom Mycelium @ In Good Company Sustainable Fair

Sunday, July 15th @ 2:30-4:30pm

DUMBO, Brooklyn

About the Workshop

Mycelium (the roots of mushrooms) may very well be one of the most intelligent, adaptable and resilient organism on the planet! It’s nature’s recycler and communication network, it’s also the largest organism on the terrestrial planet! Come explore this fascinating fungi with us as we learn about its many functions and characteristics and how “nature’s glue” is being bio-utilized in many applications across industries as we seek more sustainable production processes.

Get ready to get your hands dirty, literally, when we walk you through the process of growing your own lampshade using mycelium. You’ll get to form a lampshade using Ecovative’s mushroom materials, watch it grow with the option to create unique outcomes and aesthetics and walk away with your own functional pendant or table lamp to bring into your home or office.

This biofabrication workshop is hosted by Danielle Trofe, a biodesigner who created the first ever commercialized lighting collection grown using Ecovative’s mushroom materials. She’ll share insights from 5 years of experience working with biomaterials and building a career in biodesign and biomimicry.

BYOCQ, bring your own curiosity and questions!

In Good Company Sustainable Fair

In Good Company is not just a sustainable fair but a sharing platform, with a supportive community of makers, buyers, and producers with a shared vision. We know it’ll take time, but if we join together, making one decision at a time towards sustainability and a circular economy: we change the world. Come join us in our social mission!

The unique and fun fair will be inclusive of juried and curated products, food and drinks, live music, workshops, and a panel discussion and lectures with all of us coming together with a goal of doing business kindly with any of the following practices:

  • Sustainable
  • Fair Trade
  • Organic
  • Using Natural Materials
  • Contributing to or doing Social Good
  • Sweatshop Free
  • Conflict Free
  • Non-Toxic Chemicals
  • Cruelty Free