Mush-Lume Table Lamp

The first of the Mush-Lume and Mush-Bloom collection, the Mush-Lume Table Lamp was the jumping off point in the exploration of incorporating the innovative mushroom material into interior products.  The table lamp’s aesthetic is a visual representation of a mushroom, the building block of the lampshade’s material that’s organic, sustainable and biodegradable.


Mush-Lume Table Lamp

Material Detail: Hand-turned wood base and hand-cast concrete base connected by rare earth magnets

Hand-turned wood by: Alan Dorsey  Brooklyn, NY

Hand-cast concrete by: In.Sek  Brooklyn, NY


Mush-Lume Table Lamp

Material Detail: Mushroom material treated with white organic milk paint (also available in natural)

Photography Copyright: JAM Editions Inc.


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