Myclium Dye Samples

Experimenting with Natural Dyes and Mushroom Mycelium

This Summer we teamed up with the Textile Arts Center and their Sewing Seeds program to experiment with dyeing mushroom mycelium with natural dyes derived from plant root.  Initial tests included indigo, walnut halls, madder root and logwood.  The results were beautiful!  We plan to expand upon this gained knowledge to offer greater versatility in the Mush-Lume Lighting Collection as well as to share the experiment results with the public for future development in dyeing natural materials.  The mushroom material tested is a product of Ecovative.

The Sewing Seeds program provides accessible, accurate, and inspired information on natural dyes, to bring awareness for their use as a sustainable art medium.  Sewing Seeds works with community gardens, urban farms, parks and other green spaces to grow and identify natural dye plants as well as collaborates with other organizations and schools in the development lectures, workshops and master classes and offers an all year series of free all-ages classes.

The Sewing Seeds program is guided by the belief that the future of textile art, textile production and fashion will have to necessarily include better practices and a better knowledge of the materials. We also believe that the access to natural dyes and the knowledge of the dyeing techniques should be available for everyone who wants to use it.  By facilitating access to information on natural dyeing and by contributing to the education of a new generation of designers, artists, thinkers and buyers we hope that we’re making a difference in our community and in the future of our planet.