1Hotel BB Lobby

1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

100+ lampshades grown from mushroom mycelium A cloud of lampshades grown from mushroom mycelium, each varying in size and height span the ceiling of the … Read more

BBG Vertical Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Exhibit

October 2013 – September 2014, Come visit the 14 ft. vertical gardens on display in the visitor center of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  The year-long exhibit will include a rotating … Read more

Live Screen Installation BMWi Born Electric Tour

BMW i Born Electric Tour, NYC

Danielle Trofe Design partnered with BMW i to create a sculptural vertical garden installation that climbed 20 ft. high and spanned two floors in Bryant … Read more

ABC Carpet & Home Vertical Garden

ABC Carpet & Home

Danielle Trofe Design displayed a 14 foot vertical garden installation at ABC Carpet & Home in Gramercy for NYC Design Week 2013 

Campbell's Future of Food

Campbell’s Future of Food

July 25th 2013, NYC Campbell’s CEO Denise Morrison hosted a group of young female entrepreneurs and leaders to experience Campbell’s Future of Food Dinner focusing … Read more