Worrell Smith Lighting Exhibit

Mush-Lume Collection at Worrell Smith Gallery

After a successful launch of the Mush-Lume lighting collection at WantedDesign during NYC Design Week, Danielle Trofe Design will continue to disrupt the lighting industry norms with a month-long exhibit at the Worrell Smith Gallery in Westport, CT. The lighting exhibition entitled “Let There Be,” will feature contemporary lighting designers Jason Miller, Mary Wallis and John Procario.

The Mush-Lume lighting collection is all about redefining what our interior objects are made from and encourages a departure from conventional materials. By tapping into a unique material science such as mushroom mycelium, we can begin to reimagine a more sustainable future. The lamps are GROWN, not manufactured, from mushrooms. They’re organic, sustainable and biodegradable!

For more information about attending the “Let There Be” lighting exhibition and pricing for the custom Mush-Lume pendants and chandeliers, please email info@danielletrofe.com