Biomimicry Services

Photo credit:  David Chuchuca

Photo credit: David Chuchuca


Lunch & Learns | Workshops

Want to learn how biomimicry can inform your industry? From architecture to business management and product design to corporate culture, nature has evolved patterns and  strategies for cultivating community while also building with minimal energy and materials using green chemistry.

We provide a comprehensive dive into biomimicry, learning not just about, but from nature with a new lens of discovery.  We’ll take you deep into the design of life from a functional perspective, to better understand how contextual pressures overtime have shaped not only physical form, but process and ecosystem as well. To understand how nature is solving the same challenges we are grappling at today, with great success using an evolved elegance unrivaled by us humans, is the ultimate deliverable in this flexible learning format.     

From corporate professionals to grade school students, we serve a wide audience and can customize an appropriate learning format on demand. Contact us to discuss your learning goals, whether it’s to engage in a team building exercise, learn more about biomimicry and how this discipline may be incorporated into your design process, management style or course curriculum, or if you just want to learn more about nature!

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Guest Lectures & Keynotes

Need a speaker? Danielle Trofe has delivered tailored talks across industries, from biomaterial conferences and industry trade shows to university sustainability lectures and innovation spotlights on platforms both large and small. Her specialty is discussing her studio’s journey in adopting emerging biomaterials, adapting a design process to grow goods, carving out a niche within the interiors industry to affect change and the projected outlook of industries embracing the use of more sustainable materials and biofabrication processes. On the biomimicry side, Danielle holds a master’s degree in biomimicry and is a certified Biomimicry Specialist. She enjoys providing talks to better get to know what biomimicry is and how its practices can affect any field to be more efficient, ethical, productive while reducing waste and cooperative to ensure success over the long haul.

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For access to watch past lectures and keynotes, please contact us.  


Photo Credit:  Kai-Chieh Chan

Photo Credit: Kai-Chieh Chan

Photo Credit:  Jan Krnc

Photo Credit: Jan Krnc

Guided Walks & Activities

What better way to practice biomimicry than to use the great outdoors as your “classroom.” Explore a new rugged trail or visit your local park, get to know your flora and fauna through immersive experiences, maybe even practice a little forest bathing, whatever your fancy… just find a way to GET OUTSIDE!

Want to learn more about nature from a naturalist while hiking or broaden your social network with others that share your interest? For customized outings for students and corporate events please send us an email.