Danielle Trofe

Reconnecting to the natural world through design


A New Paradigm of Sustainability

By harnessing innovative technologies and material sciences to create functional and accessible design, Danielle Trofe aims to encourage a departure from conventional materials and production techniques in search of long-term, sustainable solutions.


Science + Technology + Design

Fields are colliding, merging, and collaborating with new, emergent disciplines being formed out of these intersections. Our work is an exploration across all of these budding bio-fields, with formal training in biomimicry, professional experience in biodesign and commercialization in biofabrication. We also collaborate with scientists, biomaterial specialists and biologists to push the boundaries in research in biotechnology. Focusing on small scale research and prototype development and testing, we can take on bold projects that yield innovative and valuable returns. Our mission is to create meaningful impact to positively transform our planet to the benefit of all life.

honey bees


Looking at nature’s form, function and ecosystems and emulating these deep patterns and principles to create solutions that better ALL life on this planet.



Working with a living organism to co-create products and production processes that meet a higher level of sustainability than traditional materials and manufacturing techniques.



The integration of design with biological systems, often to achieve better ecological performance and truly original art and design applications.



The use and modification of biological processes, organisms, or systems to manufacture products intended to improve the quality of human life.


Vertical Garden

Products + Projects

Going beyond speculative design, we deliver tangible products that influence both industry and consumer behavior. Creating a connection to nature through technology and everyday goods can cultivate an informed and influential user that in turn ripples a sustainability impact. We love to collaborate with brands and companies to create unique projects tailored to an experiential goal with subtle messages that celebrate the resilience and beauty of the natural world.


1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

A cloud of lampshades grown from mushroom mycelium, each varying in size and height span the ceiling of the Riverhouse suite in the newly opened 1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. The sustainable material’s soft texture and glow gracefully communicates the ethos of both Danielle Trofe Design and 1Hotels, a luxury lifestyle hotel brand inspired by nature that cultivates the best of eco-conscious design and sustainable architecture.


MushLume Lighting Collection

Redefining what interior objects are made from, the MushLume Lighting Collection if biofabricated using mycelium. All the lamps are GROWN, not manufactured, from mushrooms. They’re organic, sustainable and biodegradable!


Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Located in the LEED certified visitor center at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 3 fourteen-foot vertical gardens spiral down from ceiling to floor, eloquently inspiring visitors of the artistic and physical benefits of incorporating indoor gardens within our human spaces.  


Sustainability & Resiliency with Biomimicry


Nature has 3.8 billion years of problem-solving experience, many of these problems are the same challenges humans are facing today. There’s a “living library” outside made up of animals, plants, microbes and fungi (to name a few) that hold the secrets to success for all life on this planet. Explore nature’s intelligence and elegance with a biomimicry guest lecture, custom workshop, industry consulting service or perhaps just a rejuvenating outdoor excursion to begin your immersive discovery into learning not just about, but from nature!


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What People Are Saying

Wall Street Journal

“The fully biodegradable shades are firm but spongy, with a chalk-white, velvety surface not unlike the rind of brie cheese.”


“There aren’t many lighting products in the market that are grown and not manufactured. This organic, biodegradable pendant is a classic example of the work of Danielle Trofe, famous for creating cutting-edge sustainable design.”


“Designer Danielle Trofe’s MushLume lamps point to a brighter sustainable future.”