A New Paradigm of Sustainability

By harnessing innovative technologies and material sciences to create functional and accessible design, Danielle Trofe aims to encourage a departure from conventional materials and production techniques in search of long-term, sustainable solutions.


Science + Technology + Design

Fields are colliding, merging, and collaborating with new, emergent disciplines being formed out of these intersections. Our work is an exploration across all of these budding bio-fields, with formal training in biomimicry, professional experience in biodesign and commercialization in biofabrication. We also collaborate with scientists, biomaterial specialists and biologists to push the boundaries in research in biotechnology. Focusing on small scale research and prototype development and testing, we can take on bold projects that yield innovative and valuable returns. Our mission is to create meaningful impact to positively transform our planet to the benefit of all life.

honey bees


Looking at nature’s form, function and ecosystems and emulating these deep patterns and principles to create solutions that better ALL life on this planet.



Working with a living organism to co-create products and production processes that meet a higher level of sustainability than traditional materials and manufacturing techniques.



The integration of design with biological systems, often to achieve better ecological performance and truly original art and design applications.



The use and modification of biological processes, organisms, or systems to manufacture products intended to improve the quality of human life.