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Biomimicry in the Field: Learning from Nature’s Genius
to Mar 24

Biomimicry in the Field: Learning from Nature’s Genius

Two-part course: Saturday and Sunday, March 23 and 24 from 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Ever wonder what makes a peacock’s feathers so vibrant? Or how ants can communicate along complex scent trails to find and distribute food? How do honeybees use swarm logic to regulate the internal hive temperature? And why do trees and other plants grow in a similar and repeating patterns?

These questions encompass the underlying inquiry and ethos of biomimicry, looking to nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies to help solve our human challenges. Nature has 3.8 billion years of problem-solving experience, many of these problems are the same challenges humans are facing today. There’s a “living library” outside made up of animals, plants, microbes and fungi (to name a few) that hold the secrets to success for all life on this planet. Join us for a 2-day interactive workshop where you will learn not about, but from nature with a new lens of discovery.

On Day 1 we will:

  • examine the fundamentals of biomimicry by looking at nature’s form, function and ecosystems and then practice emulating these deep principles and patterns to create well-adapted human solutions that better "fit in" on our planet.

  • learn the fundamentals of what makes biomimicry unique from other disciplines, including Life’s Principles a set of guidelines that all life must abide by to survive.

On Day 2 we will:

  • meet at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for an immersive experience to hone your observation skills

  • learn about context pressures and enjoy getting to know a plant’s anatomy on a deeper level.

  • practice biomimicry in the field, so bring a human design challenge of interest!

Don’t worry, no prior knowledge of biomimicry, science, design or nature is required. All age levels welcome. And we encourage you to come with questions and curiosity! Biomimicry is not all about solving a challenge, but equally values the enjoyment of learning more about nature’s genius and admiring her beauty in a new and inspiring way.


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Inspiring Women in Science @ The Queens Library: Grow Your Own Planter Using Mycelium
to Mar 30

Inspiring Women in Science @ The Queens Library: Grow Your Own Planter Using Mycelium

  • Queens Library (multiple locations) (map)
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This Women’s History Month, Queens Library is excited to explore the impact of women scientists on fields as far ranging as astronomy, chemistry, biology, physics, and so many more.

Join us at our local libraries to meet inspiring women working in science throughout New York City. You can hear them discuss their career paths and participate in hands-on workshops.

To learn more, visit our Inspiring Women in Science webpage.

We hope you’ll be amazed, surprised, and definitely inspired by this month’s programming as we celebrate women!

GROW Your Own Planter Using Mycelium

Biodesigner/biomimicry specialist Danielle Trofe teaches parents and their children (ages 8+) how to grow their own planter using mushroom roots.  Space is limited. Materials will be provided. Preregistration is required; please call the library. 

Saturday, March 16 @ 3pm 
20-12 Madison Street 

Tuesday, March 19 @ 4pm 
40-20 Broadway, Long Island City 

Thursday, March 21 @ 3:30pm 
Forest Hills 
108-19 71 Avenue

Tuesday, March 26 @ 4pm 
86-07 Broadway

Saturday, March 30 @ 3pm 
Fresh Meadows 
193-20 Horace Harding Expressway

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